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TAIMEN (Siberian Salmon Trout).. Successful fishing for TAIMEN in Tuva!

We congratulate Eugeny Fadeev and his partners on their splendid fishing tour at Khamsyra river!

. . . .  

Since 4-th till 15th of May the group of taimen fishers from Perm  has carried out a successful fishing expedition  to the Upper Yenisei region. As a summary report we bring the information of the head of the expedition:
" On the whole we are very pleased. We have got three tours in May  in different lands already. We, have estimated this one as the best.
Even in spite of  the early spring which has come in 2 weeks before and has brought it in need of a heap of amendments to correct the situation".

                                         At sunset                                                                                             At dawn
Realy big taimen (over 18 kg) could be gripped in hands only once.

. . . .

But twice huge taimens (over 20 kg weight) broke our tackle at fight.

. . . .

Three extra heavyweight taimen bites. 
Thrice we have seen taimen struggle at the surface. 
Thrice (with witnesses as well) we have seen  huge exemplars pursuing the spoon bait.
Got small taimens aplenty.

. . . .

Feeled and pinched the goldilocks.
Got graylings all the time with  casting and float fish rod.
In excess used perches, pikes and very ides 2 - 2,5 kg weight.

. . . .

Shot waterfowl.
Listened to the capercaillie songs. 
In brief, all the expectations come true. 
Got to the town of Kyzyl in two and a half days. 
My weight loss - over 5 kilogramm..."
. . . . 
A.Filippov’s photos.
Participants of the expedition express their gratitude to Alexey Nikolaevich (the guide) for the excellent arrangement of the fishing, high quality of service, excellent cuisine and original drinks! We wish Eugeny, Alexey, Sergey, Alexander, Sergey and Vadim wonderful fishings adventures, record trophies and positive emotions on new routes!
We thank Alexey for operative interaction and we hope for the further cooperation!

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