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African Safari in SAR. We congratulate Marat Arifullin from Moscow with the successful huntings in Africa

Excellent trophies of two Oryxes, Zebra, Red Hartebeast, Waterbuck, Steenbok, Duiker, Blue Wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) and peculiar Aardwolf (!) were the results of this effective safari! Our congratulations for Marat and best wishes for his effective huntings, precise shots and record trophies!
Publishing the short preliminary photoreport about the safari we hope  we would be able receive detailed article about hunting in the  South African Republic from Marat Alimzhanovich himself with original comments and the description of impressions regarding all nuances of  the trip..

The first African trophies (a waterbuck and an aardwolf) have been quarried at the second day of hunting..

The excellent trophy oryx has been quarried by Marat at the end of the third day of hunting.


Zebra and a steenbok have been shot at the morning huntings on the third and forth safari days.


Excellent trophy red hartebeest and a duiker were shot at the end of the African safari.

The story about hunting for the second oryx demands a separate narration as it is related
not only with the features of shooting  the African antelopes, but also with elements of luck
and success without which there cannot be real hunting adventures!  


One day of the South African  voyage was given for an excursion trip to Sun City.

O.Elagin and M.Arifullin’s photos.

Practically each day of ten hunting days  in South Africa has been eventful and all of them
will be recollected by the hunters as the best days in their hunting life! During the hunting round they have passed through stalking, ambushing, tracing tracks and hunting free ride in African bush.
It was a true big game hunting for " big boys"!  

We congratulate Marat once again!

We thank our partners in the Republic of South Africa - company " SARUShunt ", Olga and Gunter - for the excellent arrangement of reception, hunting and recreation!

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