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BEARS, VOLCANOES and Kamchatka SALMON. Successful ecological tour to Kamchtka.

We congratulate Constantine, Michael, Sergey and their team from Moscow and St. Petersburg on successful trip to the land of VOLCANOES, GEYSERS, BEARS and SALMON!

                   Fishermen viewed by bear                                                                        Bear viewed by fishermen

Planning of the tour program took quite a lot of time and the route happened to be considerably complicated, however all participants were hardy to pass it, got plenty of nice impressions and were content with their Kamchtka tour! We wish our travelers nice routes and excited impressions in future, as well as favorable weather and good pictures!

                                              Inside Mutnovsky volcano crater

                                                  Mutnovsky volcano over view


We thank Gennady Volynets, our partner from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, for efficient assistance in tour planning and making our travelers happy!

Camera – Gek Volynets.

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