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Fishing in Tuva. Rafting and Fishing for RAINBOW TROUT in the Upper Yenisei.

We congratulate Michael, Ylia and their team from Moscow and St. Petersburg on successful fishing in Tuva.

High level of water in the rivers of Tuva did not allow to fulfill planned tour program on full scale. However, the fishing was exiting, there was much Rainbow Trout, Ленки and Grayling, and the landscapes along one of the upper tributaries of Yenisei impressed imagination with exotic beauty.

Short report from the accepting party:
"We flew yesterday. The fist and the last flight was conducted under waterfall of rain on 3rd September. And further it was raining for two days. Already high water rose up even higher. We managed to hook Rainbow Trout about 20 kg, fighting followed, big fish, being almost dragged on the river bank, tore spoon-bait and escaped. It was exiting intrigue, but there was no fish caught. The further, the worst. Fish swam away and ignored the bite. (A few big ленков. A few small Rainbow Trout about 1-2 kg). This catch is considered to be nothing for this river. We accepted it with almost professional understanding.....
Bad weather and pilots’ lack of enthusiasm made impossible flying to other fishing spots...
Nevertheless, everybody was in major mood. Unfavorable weather condition was being improved by raising service level. During yesterday dinner everybody toasted to excellent service. Actually, everybody was satisfied and even cradled an idea to return in May”.

The tour was crowned with ethno concert of Tuva throat singers, which was planned in advance. We wish Michael and his team new and interesting routes, fine weather and great Rainbow Trout trophies.

Camera -  A. Philipov

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