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Hunt for Bear. Hunt for Siberian Bear in Baikal area.

We have just received announcement about CHECKED den in Baikal area. The hunt is planed to stage in the Khamar-Dagan pre-mountains.

The den is located at the distance of 25 km from the jeep stop, from there hunters are to ski. 
Hunting tour duration – 3 - 4 days. Tour cost and terms can be agreed over phone in St. Petersburg - (812)  312-87-22, 331-90-61,  mailto: ok@trophyhunt.ru .

   Saint-Petersburg, 197136, 
   Lahtinskaya ul. 8-25, 
   E-mail: trophyhunt@mail.ru

 Russia, Saint-Petersburg; E-mail: trophyhunt@mail.ru  Skype:oksafari
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