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Successful hunt for MOUFLON, FALLOW DEER and WILD BOAR in Bulgaria!

Our congratulation to Michael Karatuev on successful hunt during holidays in Bulgaria!

Our partner in Bulgaria Vasil Tabakov reported:
‘Today I have returned from the hunt, run together with Michael Karatuev. It was successful! Michael obtained very beautiful Mouflon, Wild Boar (22.7 cm) and Fallow Deer. He is leaving tomorrow, and today or latest tomorrow midday I will prepare all required documents, in the hotel ‘Imperial’, and escort him to the airport. Michael is a good hunter and was extremely content with this hunt, planning to come back to hunt for Red Deer , possibly in December’. 

We wish Michael Karatuev exact shots in future to obtain record trophies. Good luck!
We are thankful to our reliable partner - Vasil Tabakov and all his staff and assistants for superb hunt organization, being quick and exact in responding and providing excellent services to our hunters!   



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