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TAIMEN (Siberian Salmon Trout).. Successful fishing for TAIMEN in Tuva!  |  17.05.2007
We congratulate Eugeny Fadeev and his partners on their splendid fishing tour at Khamsyra river!   More »
Hunt in SAR. Successful hunting for antelopes in Africa.  |  02.05.2007
We congratulate Sergey Solovyov from Moscow on his successful start in the safari in South Africa! TREE trophies for two initial hunting days!   More »
Successful hunt for geese in Samara region! Eight geese got in the first morning!!  |  11.04.2007
We congratulate Eugeny, Alexey and Ilya from Moscow on successful hunting at "The Success" lodge in the Middle Volga region!   More »
African Safari. We congratulate IRENE SHEVCHUK with her first successful hunts in Africa!  |  01.04.2007
The information from our South - African partners is received: excellent trophies of a warthog and impala got by Irina during the hunting safari in the South African Republic. Sincerely we congratulate Irina and wish her new precise shots and magnificent trophies!   More »
African Safari in SAR. We congratulate Marat Arifullin from Moscow with the successful huntings in Africa  |  30.03.2007
Excellent trophies of two Oryxes, Zebra, Red Hartebeast, Waterbuck, Steenbok, Duiker, Blue Wildebeest (Brindled Gnu) and peculiar Aardwolf (!) were the results of this effective safari! Our congratulations for Marat and best wishes for his effective huntings, precise shots and record trophies!   More »
Hunt for Ibex. Successful hunt for Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. |  03.03.2007
We are pleased to congratulate Konstantin Popov from Moscow on successful hunt in the Narynsk territory in Kyrgyzstan! Precise shots and good trophies!
Hunt for Bear. Successful hunt for Siberian Brown BEAR in the DEN! |  27.02.2007
We congratulate Sergey from Voronezh on the first taken den and with great trophy of Siberian Bear! We wish him further precise shots and record trophies!
Hunt for EUROPEAN BROWN BEAR. Hunt in the DEN in Karelia.  |  11.02.2007
It was received 5 offers for the hunt for Bear in the den in Karelia. ALL DENS ARE CHECKED WITH DOG! (There are 4 dens on 13 February).   More »
Hunt for BEAR. Hunt for KAMCHATKA BEAR in the DEN.  |  06.02.2007
We have just received announcement about CHECKED den at the Kamchatka peninsular. The Bear has been traced since autumn. Big male. Exclusive offer for good bear hunters!   More »
Hunt for Bear. Hunt for Siberian Bear in Baikal area.  |  05.02.2007
We have just received announcement about CHECKED den in Baikal area. The hunt is planed to stage in the Khamar-Dagan pre-mountains.   More »
Hunt for BEAR. Hunt for HIMALAYAN BEAR in the den in the Khabarovsk Region.  |  02.02.2007
It is received the confirmation of TWO dens with white chest bears in the Khabarovsk region. It is possible to combine this hunt with hunt for AMUR BROWN BEAR in the den.   More »
Hunt for Moose. Hunt for European Moose. Hunt in the Smolensk territory.  |  08.01.2007
We congratulate Marat, Eugeniy and Alexei from Moscow and Oleg from St. Petersburg on successful hunt for moose in the Smolensk territory.   More »
Hunt for MOOSE with dogs in Karelia. Successful hunt for European Moose with huskies.  |  24.12.2006
We congratulate Victor from St. Petersburg on successful hunt for Moose with huskies!   More »
Hunt for MOOSE. Hunt for European MOOSE in Karelia.  |  01.11.2006
Hunt with huskies. Hunt in Karelia. Hunt for MOOSE with huskies in Karelia.   More »
Successful hunt for MOUFLON, FALLOW DEER and WILD BOAR in Bulgaria!  |  02.10.2006
Our congratulation to Michael Karatuev on successful hunt during holidays in Bulgaria!   More »
Hunt for Bear. Hunt at the Kamchatka peninsula. Trophy hunt for Kamchatka Bear.  |  30.09.2006
We congratulate Tikhomir T. from Bulgaria on successful hunt for Kamchatka Bear. Two trophies were obtained within ten day hunting tour.   More »
Hunt by baiting. Hunt for Bear and Wild Boar. Two trophies during two hunting days!  |  14.09.2006
We congratulate Ephim from St. Petersburg on Wild Boar and Bear over bait! The hunt was staged in the Leningrad region. Two trophies were obtained for two hunting days. We wish Ephim Anatolievich precise shorts and successful hunts in future!   More »
Fishing in Tuva. Rafting and Fishing for RAINBOW TROUT in the Upper Yenisei.  |  11.09.2006
We congratulate Michael, Ylia and their team from Moscow and St. Petersburg on successful fishing in Tuva.   More »
Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk region. Rafting and fishing - RAINBOW TROUT, GRAYLING.  |  07.09.2006
We congratulate Alexander Pavlovich and his son Pavel from St. Petersburg on successful 10 days fishing in the Krasnoyarsk region.   More »
BEARS, VOLCANOES and Kamchatka SALMON. Successful ecological tour to Kamchtka.  |  12.08.2006
We congratulate Constantine, Michael, Sergey and their team from Moscow and St. Petersburg on successful trip to the land of VOLCANOES, GEYSERS, BEARS and SALMON!   More »
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