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"OK-SAFARI" Ltd calls your attention to the following hunting tours:

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MARCO POLO ARGALI + MID ASIAN IBEX. Marco Polo Argali hunting. Ibex hunting. Hunting for the Marco Polo Argali + Mid Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan (costing for one hunter)
IBEX hunting in Kazakhstan Chasing trophy IBEX in Eastern Kazakhstan.
Hunting for Siberian Roe Deer in Kazakhstan Chasing trophy roes in Eastern Kazakhstan.
MARAL hunting (Red Deer - Wapiti). Hunting in Kazakhstan. Chasing trophy MARALS in Eastern Kazakhstan.
LYNX. Linx hunting. Hunting with dogs.
MARCO POLO ARGALI. Marco Polo argali hunting.
GOBI ARGALI. Argali Gobi hunting. Hunt in Mongolia. Argali Gobi hunting in Mongolia.
YAK. Yak hunting.
MARCO POLO ARGALI. Marco Polo argali hunting. Hunting in Tajikistan.

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