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Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Nature Reserve

Established: 17 March 1976.

In 1985 the status ‘Biospere’ was given to the Reserve by UNESCO.
Reserve Area - 3 904 km². 
In 2001 it was established the Ermak reserve affiliate – biosphere testing zone ‘Grey Sayan’. This affiliate is responsible for assistance in economical development and rational using of nature resources of adjoining to the Reserve area of the Ermak district of the Krasnoyarsk territory.
‘Grey Sayan’ area - 5 914 km².

Tours of one day and several days duration are arranged to the ‘Grey Sayan’. Comfortable cutters and launches are available for the voyages on Sayano-Shushensky reservoir (May – October). On the reservoir banks you will surely see such a rare animal as the Siberian Ibex, possibly bear, and if traveling through the Sayan mountains you will run across the Maral, Roe Deer and Musk Deer.  
For those who search for sportive activities exotic horse and water routs are designed to the western Sayan (June – September).
In the Reserve there are comfortable floating camp with Russian baths, hotel with sauna, camps in the Sayan taiga, there are also available jeeps and motorboats, sportive and fishing outfit.   
If you like to experience true local life at the bottom of the Sayan mountains, it is offered accommodation in private houses of villagers, including very remote villages of ‘old-believers’, who preserved traditions and life style of pre-Peter the Great Russia. Such accommodation is available all the year round. You will get a splendid possibility to enjoy picturesque Siberian meadows, mountains lakes and falls, impetuous mountain streams braking their ways among rocks and impenetrable Siberian taiga. 

 Travelers are met at the airport of Krasnoyarsk or Abakan – the capital of the Khakass republic and then transferred to the village Shushenskoye, where the central camp and the hotel complex are located. It is quite difficult to choose the words to describe the beauty of the nature of the Sayan mountains, it is better to come and see it with your own eyes and the Reserve is pleased to offer you this opportunity.
Following your requests we will be delighted to design a very nice individual rout to you, giving careful attention to all your wishes, or if you like, you wii be included into a regular group.   
The cost of your tour will depend on group size, rout complexity, transportation used and services provided. 

Fauna of the Reserve
Many factors determine rich and diverse fauna of this area. It is ecology and the location of the Reserve on the borderland where the Siberian taiga and dry continental steppe of the Central Asia meet, and also quite complicated history of fauna formation. 

There are Siberian grayling, sterlet, sea trout, goldilocks, sig, and there were formerly Siberian sturgeon. Some species are almost extinct, as sturgeon, for instance, others became rare (sea trout, goldilocks, sig). However, in the new reservoir it is recorded the increase in the number of such species of freshwater fish as perch, pike, dace, id, burbot, ruff, minnow and others. Recently, it has also appeared bream.

Two species of amphibians  frog and common toad are quite rare in the pre-Yenisei part of the Reserve. In the steppe and the forest-steppe regions there can be found such reptiles as  chicken-snake, quite numerous, and common mamushi.. Also, it is widely spread viviparous lizard and common adder. On the Yenisei banks there are found sand lizard.

The Reserve fauna is quite representative (50 species) in comparison to the fauna of the West-Sayan physical and geographical sub-region (63 species) and to the Sayan region (78 species). Fauna main body is constituted of the species in general widely spread in the Siberia. They are sable, squirrel, moose, wolf, wolverine, lynx and others. The mountain and steppe area are inhabited by mainly Mongolian species – Siberian ibex, snow leopard, manul, long-tailed hamster, Altai marmot. Three species of predators found in the Reserve – snow leopard, red wolf and manul, are entered the Red Book. Weasel, ermine, Siberian weasel, а American mink, fox and badger are quite rare here, however sable is great in number.
Among the big predators brown bear, wolverine, lynx and wolf are predominate over others. Weasel, ermine, Siberian weasel are found mainly in the Chulaksinsk hollow and in some parts of the river Big Ura flood-lands. Ermine also inhabits in sub-Alpine dwarf Arctic birch.
In the Reserve there are semi-aquatic predators such as American mink and otter. They were not numerous, however lately traces of these animals has been met oftener, and especially in the rivers’ mouths. Before the reservoir appeared fox and badger were met often in the pre-Ynisei low placed where grew pines and birches. Lately, their range has dramatically reduced and their number noticeably decreased.



1. Common shrew
2. Arctic shrew
3. Pygmy shrew
4. Altai mole
5. Eurorasian shrew

1. Common Squirrel
2. Chipmunk
3. Long-tailed Gopher
4. Russian Flying Squirrel
5. Large-toothed redbacked vole
6. Northern redbacked vole
7. Large Japanese field mouse
8. Long-tailed Hamster

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