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 Eco- and ethno-tours, photo-safari and bird-watching in Russia; boating and rafting, ornithological routes,  hiking and horseback riding, combined routes and family programs can be arranged to meet your individual interests and physical possibilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                To provide  you with positive impressions is our aim when we plan and arrange your tour to the most beautiful and secret places of Russia and CIS. We will accommodate all your ideas and requests to make the tour most memorable and smooth.

You can activate the description of your interest and find detailed information.

RAFTING for family groups. North-East Tuva. The Khamsyra river. North-East Tuva. The Khamsyra river. The Khamsyra is categorized as the river of 3rd level of complexity. Rafting length is 540 km. No limitations on age and physical conditions of the tourists. This tour is especially recommended for family groups..
MOUNTAINOUS TAIGA, REINDEER Nomad camp and Fishing in the Tuva Sayan. Within one trip you will explore the wild taiga, mountain rivers and get acquainted with tough life of reindeer-breeders. The route ends in steppe - the land of original TuviniansТ culture. North-east of the Republic of Tyva. Foothills of eastern part of the Sayan range. Southern slopes. Basin of the Khamsyra river. Nomad camp is located on the bank of one of the river branches amidst the mountainous taiga. Herd numbers 150 reindeer. It is the only place in the south Siberia where it is reserved such livestock and traditions of reindeer breeding and riding.
TUVA TRANSIT. On-Horseback and On-Foot Tour. Exiting On-Horseback and On-Foot Route. It gives an opportunity within one tour to explore various landscapes and climate zones Ц arctic (mountain area), tundra, forest-tundra, alpine zone, taiga, forest-steppe and feather-grass steppe. And moreover, to raft down the taiga river, which is full of rapids, to meet the Old-Believers, who have been keeping their traditions from the times of Peter the Great Ц first Russian emperor (18 c.) and to get acquainted with the original TuviniansТ culture.
PHOTO Safari at the Kamchatka Peninsular. Kamchatka Bear Feeding on the Spawning Rivers. During this tour you can watch not only the brown bear, but also many other animals - reindeer, sable, wolverine, ermine; and birds - eagle, various owls, waterfowl and sparrow species; as well as various species of salmon.
From Europe via Lake Baikal to the Geographical Centre of Asia. From Europe via Lake Baikal to the Geographical Centre of Asia.
Horse-riding tour УGold Ring of KhakassiaФ Horse-riding tour УGold Ring of KhakassiaФ
The unique Ecological tour "In the track of the Tiger The unique cognitive ecological tour "in the tracks of a tiger". The objective of the tour is to get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the Far East in its" natural conditions and to study the vital functions of an Amur Tiger, also photohunt.
Snow Leopard. Offer a unique opportunity to visit in places of dwelling of a snow leopard mountains Tjan Shan. Accompanied by skilled huntsmen, you can visit places years not visited people. You will see traces, the rests of a meal and other attributes of ability to live ирбиса. The probability and meetings with this predator in the afternoon is great.

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