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Consulting for hunters; safari; trophy hunting throughout Russia, including Siberia and Kamchatka, and also in the neighboring countries - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
Trophy Fishing in Russia. Ecological tourism, rafting, boating, hiking, horseback riding, combined routes across the exotic and difficult of access areas. Visits to the nature reserves, national parks, eco- and ethno-tours, bird-watching and photo-safari.

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CAPERCAILYE and BLACK-COCK. Spring hunting. |  04.05.2006
We congratulate Alexey, Viktor, Maxim, and Victor from Saint-Petersburg with Capercailye and Black-cock trophies, which obtained on the spring mating-places at the North-West.
MOUFFLON hunt. Hunting in Bulgaria  |  11.04.2006
From our Bulgaria's partners we've get a new offer about hunting in Bulgaria   More »
Wolf. Successful hunt in Evenk region.  |  03.04.2006
We congratulate Oleg Korotkov from Moscow on successful hunting for wolves! For two days Oleg obtained EIGHT wolves!   More »
WOLF. Successful wolf hunting. Wolf hunting in Leningrad region.  |  28.02.2006
We congratulate Valeriy from Moscow and his Belgian colleagues on successful wolf hunting. Within 4 hunting days with flags they obtained 4 wolves. Besides this one from our hunters obtaied big lynx male. We wish Valeriy and his partners new Successful hunts, good shooting and record trophies!   More »
SIBERIAN BEAR. Successful hunt by breaking into the den. The hunt for the Brown Bear in the Krasnoyarsk territory.  |  06.02.2006
Congratulation to Oleg Korotkov from Moscow on the great trophy of the Siberian Brown Bear, obtained on February 4 in the den arranged 30 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk.   More »
EUROPEAN Brown Bear. Hunt by breaking into the den. Successful hunt in Karelia.  |  30.01.2006
We congratulate Victor from St. Petersburg on the successful hunt for the Brown Bear!   More »
GOOSE. Successful hunt for the Goose in the areas of the birds’ winter migration gathering! 68 (SIXTY EIGHT)!!! Goose were obtained during four hunting days!!!  |  10.01.2006
We congratulate Igor Ivanovich, Andrey Alexandrovich and Alexander Jurjevich from Moscow and Pavel Vladimirovich from Surgut on successful hunt for the goose.   More »
GOOSE. Winter hunt for the Goose in the southern areas of the birds’ migration gathering.  |  21.12.2005
We congratulate our hunters from Moscow – Marat Arifullin and Oleg Goosakov – on successful hunt for the Goose! Within 4 days tour and 3 hunting days they obtained 13 goose. The hunt was staged on the feeding fields, the hunters sat in the ambush and used decoys. In spite of bad weather conditions – rain, snow, wind and mud – the hunters were contents with large amount of goose and absence of other hunters in the surrounding area.   More »
SIBERIAN BROWN BEAR. Hunt by breaking into the dens. Hunt for the Siberian Brown Bear by breaking into the dens, staged 100 km from the city of Krasnoyarsk.  |  21.12.2005
It is received the offer for the hunt for the Brown Bear denned up in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The den has been checked.   More »
SIBERIAN MUSK DEER. Hunt for the Musk Deer. Hunt around Baikal Lake. Hunt with the Eskimo dogs. Hunt for the Siberian Musk Deer in the Irkutsk region.  |  12.12.2005
Recently received, exclusive offer for the Musk Deer hunt with the Eskimo dogs. This offer is meant for the Russian hunters and valid during the month! It is guaranteed to obtain a nice trophy within 4-5 hunting days. Two test hunting tours in which participated two hunters resulted in two trophies per each hunter. The hunts were organized in the Irkutsk region, on the bank of Baikal lake.   More »
WOODCOCK. Woodcock hunting. Hunting in Crimea. Classical Autumn Fowling on the Crimea Peninsular. |  15.11.2005
We congratulate Maksim Nikolskij from France with successful woodcock hunt in two days in Crimea. We wish new exact shoots, and further luck!
WILD BOAR and MOOSE. Hunting in Russia. Hunt in Russia.Hunting for Moose and wild boar. Hunting in Pskov region. |  07.11.2005
We congratulate Oleg Konstantinovich from Saint-Petersburg with successful hunt for wild boar and moose at weekend! Boar with tusk about 22, 5 cm, weight about 180 kg, was obtained by one shot (Blazer R-93, cal. 9.3 x 62) from the distance 100 meter. Moose was obtained on the next hunting day by one shot (Sauer-202, cal.308 Win). We wish new exact shoots, and further luck! It’s necessary to mark very high organization of the hunting process which was provide by Vladimir Petrovich.
ARGALI MARCO POLO AMD MID ASIAN IBEX. Hunting in Russia. Hunt in Kyrgystan. Hunt for the Argali and Ibex. Successful HUNT IN KIRGIZIA. TWO TROPHYES FOR FIVE HUNTING DAYS! |  24.10.2005
We congratulate our hunter from Spain . Zahonero Ferrer Rafael who obtained in Kirgizia good Morco Polo and Mid Asian trophy! Pafael was planning 12 days for this hunting but very high population Argali and Ibex in hunting area allow to obtain this trophy only for 5 hunting days. We wish Rafael new successful hunt and trophy records!
MANCHURIAN SIKA DEER, WILD BOAR AND EUROPEAN ROE DEER. Hunting in Ukraina. Hunt in Russia. Hunt for the Boar and Roe Deer. TREE TROPHY FOR TWO HUNTING DAYS IN VINNICA REGION. |  21.10.2005
We congratulate Victor Olegovich from Saint-Petersburg with successful hunt in Vinnica region (Ukraine). At first hunting day was obtained Manchurian sika and Wild boar. On the second day was obtained good trophy of European Roe Deer. Victor couldn’t obtained European Roe Deer. But the hunter marked the high number of European Roe Deer and hope to obtain good trophy in next huntings!
Hunting for a bear was spent in area of lake Dvuhjurtochnoe where the high density of a bear is marked. Bears have been obtained in 1-st, in second and 5-th day of hunting. Hunting was spent from the towers install on coast of lake. Shots was made from distances from 150 up to 200 meters. On all trips of hunters accompanied with the huntsman (Valera, Ivan and Victor).   More »
EUROPEAN MOOSE. Hunt for the Moose. Moose hunt on the roar. Moose hunting in Pskov region. |  13.09.2005
We congratulate Victor from Saint-Petersburg with next successful hunt and good European Moose, which was obtained during very difficult and beautiful hunt in Pscov region. We wish Victor new beautiful hunting and magnificent Trophy!
EUROPEAN BROWN BEAR. Hunt for the European Brown Bear in the oats fields in Leningrad region. |  12.09.2005
We congratulate our hunter from France Allais Pascal with successful bear hunt. The bear was obtained on the second hunting day. The shot was made from Remington, caliber 30-06. We wish new exact shots and record trophy!
WOODCOCK. Autumn hunting. Woodcock hunting in Leningrad region. |  11.09.2005
We congratulate our French hunters Norbert Gatteau, Pascal Allais, Gaugin Yvon, Roshard Thierry with successful woodcock hunt in Leningrad region.
EUROPEAN MOOSE. Hunting in Russia. Hunt in Russia. Hunt for the Moose. Hunt with laykas. Hunt in Karelia. Hunt for the Moose with laykas in Karelia.  |  06.09.2005
Welcome to participate in the trophy hunt. There is ONE license available. Effective trophy hunt with laykas!   More »
PHEASANT. Hunt for the Pheasant. Hunt in the Leningrad region.  |  01.09.2005
We congratulate Sergei and his companions and also Alexei and his team from St. Petersburg on the successful hunt for the Pheasant! Within two hunting days 24 and 34 fair games were obtained by each party accordingly.   More »
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